Dora the Explorer Videos

Watch Dora the Explorer videos online. Preview some on demand Dora the Explorer videos available for download. Some videos are also available to be purchased as DVDs.

Watch Dora Videos Anywhere

Dora the Explorer is very popular animated show for children.  It teaches early educational concepts along with Spanish.  Dora and her friends go on various adventures while saying Spanish words and phrases along the way.  Dora also teaches children about colors, counting and other concepts in English and Spanish. 
Now you can watch you can watch Dora the Explorer Videos anywhere.  Technology has afforded kids and parents the opportunity to watch videos on about every device, both portable and stationary. 

Videos can be seen on computers, televisions, and portable DVD players.   Dora videos are still available on video cassette, but on-demand and DVDs have been a very popular delivery method for the videos today. 

Many Dora the Explorer Videos

There are many different Dora the Explorer videos.  Many of the videos include multiple episodes of Dora the Explorer.  The Dora the Explorer videos usually have a central theme.   Some videos of made for a particular holiday like Christmas, like Christmas.  There are some special Dora the Explorer videos of when Dora and her friends go on a special adventure.  Dora and Boots visit the sea in Dora Saves the Mermaids.  They have a lot of fairytale fun in the Dora’s Fairytale Adventure.  No matter the adventure Dora and her preschool fans have fun learning.  

Dora Videos on DVD

Watch Dora the Explorer videos online. Preview some on demand Dora the Explorer videos available for download after purchasing from Some videos are also available to be purchased as DVDs or bluray.

Dora Had A Little Lamb


The Big Red Chicken


Fairytale Adventure


The Big Storm


Dora The Explorer: Dora in Wonderland


Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure (Dora the Explorer)


Dora the Explorer: Dora's Fairytale Adventure


The Backpack Parade


Dora the Explorer: Dora's Thanksgiving Parade


Dora The Explorer: Let's Explore! Dora's Greatest Adventures


Dora the Explorer videos are fun to watch. In the years since the first Dora the Explorer episode aired, little girls and little boys have enjoyed having those interactive television adventures with Dora the Explorer.

Here are some those many different adventures that Dora the Explorer has taken right on video. You even have the opportunity to buy on demand videos of Dora the Explorer that you can watch on your computer.

In these videos Dora helps to solve problems as she travels with her best friend Boots. At times she is helping or being helped by her animal loving cousin Diego.

Some more Dora the Explorer videos include: Dora the Explorer Christmas Videos, Dora DVDs, and Dora the Explorer Christmas Carol Adventure. Also you can also see some Go Diego Go DVDs, and Go Diego Go videos.