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Dora Birthday Cake

If you are having a Dora the Explorer birthday party then the perfect cake would be a Dora the Explorer birthday cake.

 Birthday cakes are a key part of any child’s birthday.   Many of the senses work in play, when consuming a birthday cake.  Sight lets us see the beauty of the birthday cake.  Over the years cakes have become more elaborate and intricate with details.   Television shows have sprung-up dedicated purely to the creation and decorating of beautiful cakes for about every occasions.  Cakes have been a key part of celebrations, now more than ever.   Having a beautiful cake that is appealing to the eye is great for display, but also for eating.  We all like to eat things that look good.  It seems easier to swallow those things that are pleasant looking.  There are some beautiful Dora the Explorer cakes that have been made.

Professional Dora Birthday Cake

You cake choose to purchase a Dora the Explorer cake from the store and have it professionally made.  There are many different bakers that are capable of creating different Dora birthday cakes for your child.  Dora the Explorer has been around for a long time and so many bakers have had experience creating Dora birthday cakes for children.  Bakeries in grocery stores may also be an excellent place to purchase a Dora cake.  Many of these stores have a catalog of birthday cakes from where customers can choose cakes.   These catalogs might have multiple designs of Dora the Explorer cakes.   You usually have to make an order for your cake at least one day in advance.  Extra items that are included with the birthday cake are dependent on the bakery where you purchase the cake.  But, there are some bakeries that offer different icing: whipped, butter cream, cream cheese, or fudge.   You can also have different fillings in the layers of the birthday cake: fresh strawberries, canola, lemon, vanilla custard, chocolate pudding, raspberry, and cherry.   

Homemade Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake

If you are up to it, then you can make your own Dora the Explorer birthday cake. Create beautiful Dora the Explorer cakes with these cake decorating and making items. Use a Dora the Explorer cake mold to create a cake of the Dora. Complete the cake with some Dora and Boots cake toppers. There are some do-it-yourself kits that help to simplify the process of making a Dora the Explorer cake.

Making a Dora the Explorer cake is a fun activity that you and your child can do together. You can make a regular cake or a Dora the Explorer cupcakes. No matter what, there are some cake making supplies to make the process a lot easier. Dora the Explorer cake pans are in the shape of Dora the Explorer so that you can make a very special the Explorer cake. There are also Dora the Explorer cake decorations that can add the finishing touches to your Dora the Explorer cake.

Candle for Dora Birthday Cake

For a great Dora the Explorer party, don’t forget the Dora the Explorer party supplies.   You can create the great Dora the Explorer themed birthday party with a great Dora cake and some of the many Dora party supplies.   One of the many different Dora the Explorer party supplies is a Dora the Explorer candle to place on top of the cake.  

Along with Dora the Explorer, Diego has been come a fan favorite among young children. He may not have been around as long as Dora, but he does have a fan base of kids that enjoy watching him on Go! Diego Go!  These same fans would love to have a Diego themed birthday party.  For those fans there are Diego party supplies and Diego cake supplies.

Whatever the cake you make, have lots of fun and enjoy